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Photo bike tour: the best way to discover Barcelona

Barcelona has many interesting places to discover, and if you are visiting the city a few days you will have time to visit the majority. You can choose to go for your own account and explore Barcelona, or you can book our Discovering Barcelona photo bike tour and enjoy a four-hour tour with an expert guide that will explain all the secrets of the city.

Photo Bike tour Barcelona

4 hours discovering Barcelona in a photo bike tour

photo bike tour

Our 4 hour Discovering Barcelona tour, the best valued in Tripadvisor, will take you to the most iconic corners of the city. One of the places that we will visit is the Olympic Village, the neighborhood built in 1992 for the Olympic Games of Barcelona. This neighborhood was designed as a residence for athletes, and now it is a tourist place very close to the beaches of Barcelona. Also, we will go with the e-bikes to the Ciutadella Park, a large green area with lake included. It is one of the most beautiful places in the city, and now it's a good time to enjoy a walk, either on foot or by electric bike. On this bike tour of Barcelona we have opted for electric bikes because they are the easiest and most ecological way to visit the city. At Photo Bike Tour Barcelona we are committed to sustainability and respect for the environment.

In a photo bike tour of Barcelona, we could not leave one of the most emblematic and authentic neighborhoods, the Barceloneta. A sailor neighborhood of narrow streets where we will discover the essence of the city and its inhabitants. And to know the history of Barcelona we will go to the Gothic Quarter and we will walk through its streets full of charm.

One of the other attractions we can not miss is the buildings of Gaudí. Although we have a specific tour of Gaudí, All about Gaudí tour with which we visit the works of the Catalan architect, Discovering Barcelona will pass through the Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló and Casa Milà. These wonders of architecture are always a must see! As well as the monument to Columbus, we will also visit and we will be able to photograph.

With the 4 hour Discovering Barcelona we will experience a unique experience to discover the real city, the most special corners and the best kept secrets. And to keep a record of all the places we visit, the photos will be essential. The bike tour is a special way of getting to know the city, and the photos that we will make along the route will be professional photos that will captivate the essence of the city and the experience that our bikers have of it.

photo tour barcelona

Photo bike tour for all tastes

photo bike tour

With this photo bike tour we take a tour of some of the essential places in the city. But we also have other more specific e-bike tours such as the Montjuïc + Gothic tour to discover the nature that hides the Montjuïc mountain and the medieval history of the Gothic quarter. Or the All about Gaudí tour we have already commented, with which we will discover the most emblematic works of the architect. And if don’t have enough with 4 hours, you can choose the Private VIP day tour, a personalized 8 hour tour to avoid losing any detail in Barcelona. Choose the bike tour of Barcelona that best suits your plans and do not miss this unique way of getting to know the city!


Photo tours: your memories in the most incredible photos

The photo tours are the new way to travel. With the social networks present in every minute of our lives, becoming a reference is the great aspiration of many users. Instagram is crowned as the great network in which to expose your life, and the more beautiful and special the photo, the better. The photos of those who seek to become influencers have the right lighting, the perfect frame and the most amazing content. To achieve this, what better way to travel the world and document it on Instagram? That's why photo tours are the perfect resource for many instagramers.

photo tours

Photo tours: the new holidays

photo bike tour

We all want to have memories of the holidays, and it is best to keep them in photos. But if these photos are unique and made especially for us, even better. Minds with business vision have taken advantage of the desire to get exclusive photos in the most emblematic places such as the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Puerta de Alcalá in Madrid to create photo tours in the most tourist cities. This kind of tours will take you to the iconic places of the cities at the perfect moment to be able to make the ideal photo. This is the way to make your Instagram a reference profile, a traveler with criteria and good taste. The photo tours are designed to make the most of the sites you visit from a photographic point of view. It's a different way of traveling, a photography trip designed to record "I've been here" but with professional photos that triumph on Instagram.

Photo tours on e-bike

A good way to take advantage of photo tours is by e-bike. In fact, every time more photo bike tours appear, in which you discover the city on e-bike and you also get the most original photos because they can be combined with bikes. At Photo Bike Tour Barcelona we are committed to this type of tourism, in small groups and designed to discover the city and its most special corners. Our tours are much more than photo tours, these are experiences that will bring you memories with the best photos. Visiting the monuments of Gaudí, the secrets of the Gothic Quarter or la Barceloneta is one of the milestones of a trip to Barcelona, but we want the visit to be special. That's why with our e-bikes we will reach incredible places to have unique photos.

photo bike tour

Book any of our tours, they are a complete experience of photo tour and bike tour!