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Photo bike tour: the best way to discover Barcelona

Barcelona has many interesting places to discover, and if you are visiting the city a few days you will have time to visit the majority. You can choose to go for your own account and explore Barcelona, or you can book our Discovering Barcelona photo bike tour and enjoy a four-hour tour with an expert guide that will explain all the secrets of the city.

Photo Bike tour Barcelona

4 hours discovering Barcelona in a photo bike tour

photo bike tour

Our 4 hour Discovering Barcelona tour, the best valued in Tripadvisor, will take you to the most iconic corners of the city. One of the places that we will visit is the Olympic Village, the neighborhood built in 1992 for the Olympic Games of Barcelona. This neighborhood was designed as a residence for athletes, and now it is a tourist place very close to the beaches of Barcelona. Also, we will go with the e-bikes to the Ciutadella Park, a large green area with lake included. It is one of the most beautiful places in the city, and now it's a good time to enjoy a walk, either on foot or by electric bike. On this bike tour of Barcelona we have opted for electric bikes because they are the easiest and most ecological way to visit the city. At Photo Bike Tour Barcelona we are committed to sustainability and respect for the environment.

In a photo bike tour of Barcelona, we could not leave one of the most emblematic and authentic neighborhoods, the Barceloneta. A sailor neighborhood of narrow streets where we will discover the essence of the city and its inhabitants. And to know the history of Barcelona we will go to the Gothic Quarter and we will walk through its streets full of charm.

One of the other attractions we can not miss is the buildings of Gaudí. Although we have a specific tour of Gaudí, All about Gaudí tour with which we visit the works of the Catalan architect, Discovering Barcelona will pass through the Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló and Casa Milà. These wonders of architecture are always a must see! As well as the monument to Columbus, we will also visit and we will be able to photograph.

With the 4 hour Discovering Barcelona we will experience a unique experience to discover the real city, the most special corners and the best kept secrets. And to keep a record of all the places we visit, the photos will be essential. The bike tour is a special way of getting to know the city, and the photos that we will make along the route will be professional photos that will captivate the essence of the city and the experience that our bikers have of it.

photo tour barcelona

Photo bike tour for all tastes

photo bike tour

With this photo bike tour we take a tour of some of the essential places in the city. But we also have other more specific e-bike tours such as the Montjuïc + Gothic tour to discover the nature that hides the Montjuïc mountain and the medieval history of the Gothic quarter. Or the All about Gaudí tour we have already commented, with which we will discover the most emblematic works of the architect. And if don’t have enough with 4 hours, you can choose the Private VIP day tour, a personalized 8 hour tour to avoid losing any detail in Barcelona. Choose the bike tour of Barcelona that best suits your plans and do not miss this unique way of getting to know the city!


Theaters of Barcelona: music, fun and experimental shows

If one thing can boast Barcelona is its offer of theaters. For all audiences and all genres, the city's theater offer is almost unattainable. Because speaking of all the theaters in Barcelona would be an endless job, we will take a tour of theaters with their own personality and specialized in different types of shows. Sit down, the function is about to start.

Barcelona theaters

Have fun on Barcelona theaters

Barcelona shows

If you are looking for a good time at a theater in Barcelona where laughter is guaranteed, a good option is Teatre Apolo. This Paral·lel theater, one of the oldest in Barcelona since it was founded in 1904, has a long tradition of music-hall and zarzuela. Over the years his programming has followed a clear line focused on the comedy without neglecting musical spectacles.

Teatre Borràs is another theater in Barcelona where you will find all kinds of comic shows. If you like comic monologues or duets, this is your site because much of its programming focuses on this type of shows, apart from also making larger comedies.

Another theater where the programming focuses mainly on the comedy is the Teatre Poliorama, located very close to Plaça Catalunya. In this theater of Barcelona you will find more classic and also familiar shows but always focused on producing laughter of the public.

Cabaret and music shows on Barcelona

In Barcelona you can find musical shows of all kinds, but if you want to enjoy live music in any format, a good option is Sala Barts. This theater of Barcelona makes a clear commitment to music and its programming includes concerts and musicals, as well as theater, circus or magic. A different theater for audiences looking for new and amazing shows.

Barcelona El Molino

But if there is a theater in Barcelona where the musical is the king, this is the Coliseum. His programming is almost entirely musical shows and includes all genres, from comedy to drama to homage to music groups. A safe bet if you feel like theater and music.

El Molino is another emblematic theater in Barcelona. Located in Paral·lel and with more than 100 years of history, this theater has been its headquarters and reference for cabaret spectacles. Now the programming has adapted to the new times, but the cabaret and shows that challenge the conventions are their great bet.

The other side of Barcelona theaters

Theaters of Barcelona

For those who prefer an innovative, experimental and intimate theater, Barcelona also has theater rooms where these shows aret he main ones. Sala Flyhard is an intimate place where you can find contemporary, claiming theater, without fear or complexity. Their directors opt for shows that break out the schemes and reflect on the viewer, and that he feels involved in the play.

Sala Beckett is another of these theaters that have specialized in very personal shows. Its programming focuses on contemporary theater and the promotion of Catalan playwrights, and the room is also a laboratory where to experiment with new theater scenes. A place to entertain and learn at the same time.

Along the same lines as Beckett, Escenari Joan Brossa is another of these spaces that go beyond the theater to explore the contemporary scenic arts and highlight the Catalan authors. Theater, but also poetry, dance, circus and any experimental art take place in this eclectic room.

Puppets in Barcelona

Barcelona show

But not everything is theater with people in Barcelona. There is a theater where the protagonists are exclusively puppets. La Puntual is the only space in the city where only shows of puppets, puddles and Chinese shadows are performed for the whole family. In addition, courses and workshops around the puppet world are also there. An experience that you can not miss if you are in Barcelona.

If you want to be up-to-date with all the theaters and shows in Barcelona, keep well the billboard of all the shows in the city.

Disfrutar: a restaurant with two exquisite Michelin stars

If you are one of those who like to taste new things in the kitchen and experiment with innovative flavors and techniques, you have found the ideal place to do it: Disfrutar restaurant in Barcelona. Directed out of the mythical El Bulli of Ferran Adrià, the three chefs of Disfrutar, Mateu Casañas, Oriol Castro and Eduard Xatruch, have brought avant-garde cuisine to Barcelona and also to Cadaqués, where they opened their first restaurant, Compartir.

DIsfrutar dishes

Ceramics of Mediterranean Sea on Disfrutar restaurant

Disfrutar restaurant Barcelona

But before beginning to taste the dishes of this restaurant in Barcelona, the first thing that surprises us is space. At the entrance we welcome a framework of forging and ceramics with a bar where you can make an aperitif. From there you can access a corridor from where you can see the kitchen. The Disfrutar dining room is a great open, white and very bright space inspired by fishing villages of the Mediterranean. Ceramics are the main protagonist of the entire restaurant, evoking the Mediterranean Sea. At the end of the room there is a large window that overlooks a terrace where you can have a drink after dinner. A cozy and sober space that makes you feel comfortable right from the start.

Disfrutar restaurant

The treatment of the room service is excellent, and at all times they accompany you during the menu to explain you as well as serving you. And from the dining room you can see the kitchen, which is usual in many restaurants of Barcelona and that makes it even more valuable the cooks job, seeing them create such complex elaborations.

Disfrutar: a surprise for all your senses

Disfrutar Barcelona allows you to choose between two seasonal menus or two menus with classic dishes from the restaurant. Each one has between 20 or 30 dishes, depending on the menu, and also offer you the option of pairing with the wines. A highly recommended experience.

Disfrutar two michelin stars

Among the most iconic dishes that you can taste at Disfrutar and that the waiters are responsible for explaining when you need it, there are the spherical olives, heirs of El Bulli, a Chinese bread stuffed with Beluga caviar and sour cream, a gazpacho sorbet sandwich, such a great discovery, carbonara macaroni that are not what they look like, and other dishes that surprise you with originality, excellence and extraordinary taste. And if the dishes are a surprise after another, the desserts do not leave you indifferent with reinterpretations of traditional desserts such as bread with chocolate or whiskey cake.

Without a doubt, a restaurant that can proudly display the two Michelin stars it has. And although it is not economic, the price in relation to quality, treatment and space is more than acceptable. If you want to enjoy a complete culinary experience in Barcelona, Disfrutar is your restaurant.

Escape rooms in Barcelona: will you survive the adventure?

Choose your favorite escape room!

The escape rooms are an activity that has become fashionable for some years now and in Barcelona many and many different types can be found. At Photo Bike Tour Barcelona we have chosen four different room escapes, because if these days you are in the city, take advantage of it to spend a bit of adventure, wit or terror. You choose!

Try not to die of fear in Saw’s escape room

Based on one of the most macabre horror sagas in the cinema, Saw's escape room will revive the evil of Jigsaw puppet. You will start locked in the toilets of an old factory, and from there you will have an hour to leave them alive. You will have to use ingenuity and intuition to solve the tests and enigmas that you will find inspired by the movies. This room escape from Barcelona is designed for groups of 2 to 8 people. Will you be brave enough to face Jigsaw and survive?

saw escape room barcelona

Experience your own death in Catalepsia room escape

catalepsia room escape

From the same company as Saw room escape, Horror Box, you will find the most extreme adventure in Barcelona: live your own burial. Catalepsia is designed for two people, who will be put in a coffin for half an hour. In this time you will be completely dark and you will hear how your family members tell you the last word, how do you make a farewell ceremony, lay or religious, or how they take you to the funeral home. This extreme experience can be completely customized, and you can even choose the tanatoesthetics service. Dare to survive your own death.

A mayan adventure: Tolok

But we leave the extreme terror and look for more peaceful adventures. Not all Barcelona escape rooms are meant to be scared! Tolok will enter into a living and savage atmosphere inspired by the Mayan tradition, where you will have to solve enigmas and decipher symbols to escape. An adventure for groups of 2 to 6 people unique and original that will make you feel like an authentic Mayan.

tolok adventure escape room barcelona

Simulacre Vuit, variety of escape rooms

simulacre vuit escape room in barcelona

Simulacre Vuit's group of escape rooms in Barcelona offer several room escapes for all types of groups. For groups of up to 6 people you can experience an adventure in the jungle with Amazonas or travel to the world of magic with Andana 9 ¾. Or if you prefer, you can also become researchers to resolve the case of a kidnapping with the escape room The Rescue. Here you will also find adventures for very large groups, up to 150 people. You can choose between saving a victim to Victima 17 or traveling to the Far West to catch Billy Joe. Simulacre Vuit, in addition, have a room escape designed for children only called The power of the future. Children must use logic, intelligence and deduction to save the planet. As you can see, it is one of the most complete escape room groups in Barcelona.

These are just some of the hundreds of escape rooms in Barcelona, but if you want to discover many other experiences you can check this room escape radar. Find yours!

Gardens of Barcelona: a breath in the middle of the city

A walk through the garden

Barcelona is a city full of places to discover, such as its gardens. The gardens of Barcelona are ideal places to take a walk and to disconnect from the frantic rhythm of the city. There are many, all different and unique, distributed throughout the city. Surely the best known and touristy is Park Güell because of its relationship with Gaudí, but there are many other gardens worth knowing because of its beauty and originality.

Another Gaudí work: Park Güell

Parc Güell, located at El Turó del Carmel, is a large garden with more than 100 years of history since it was built between 1900 and 1914, and it was opened in 1926. The park, which was first conceived as a great luxury urbanization, was commissioned by Eusebi Güell to Antoni Gaudí, who had already done other assignments, that is why the architecture of Parc Güell is completely modernist. The entrance to the park is sure to be the most emblematic space because the salmandra made of trencadís in the middle of the large stairway. The stairs lead to the Hypostyle Hall, a columned forest with the roof decorated with trencadís panels made by Josep M. Jujol. He himself decorated the railing of the Nature Square, one of the busiest points in the park and from which you can see magnificent views of Barcelona. One of the places worth visiting if you are at the Parc Güell is the Casa del Guarda. Initially it was the house of the porter of the enclosure, but now it is part of MUHBA (Museum of History of Barcelona) and you can see the exhibition «Güell, Gaudí and Barcelona. Expression of an urban ideal».

parc guell barcelona gardens

Get lost in the Horta Labyrinth

If we talk about the gardens of Barcelona, we can not forget the oldest one that is conserved in the city: the Horta Labyrinth. Located in the district of Horta-Guinardó, it was the work of the italian architect Domenico Bagutti. This park includes a 18th century neoclassical garden and a romantic 19th century garden. Inside the neoclassical garden is where the labyrinth is named after the park, and in the middle there is a sculpture of Eros surrounded by cypress trees. The theme of this part of the garden revolves around love, and you can stroll among italian style temples, sculptures and inscriptions inspired by classical mythology, and neoclassical style ponds.

horta labyrinth e-bike tour

The other part of the garden of the Horta Labyrinth in Barcelona, the romantic garden, on the contrary that the other, is inspired by death, and there was even a replica of a medieval cemetery, which today is no longer keep it. In fact, there is little thing about the original design of this part, but you can still walk between fountains, waterfalls and parterres in a particularly shady area. The combination of the two environments makes the Horta Labyrinth one of the most interesting gardens in Barcelona to visit.

The largest garden in Barcelona: Ciutadella Park

One of the indispensable gardens of Barcelona is the Ciutadella Park. Located in the ancient lands of the fortress of Ciutadella, between the Estació de França, the Arc de Triomf and the Olympic Village, it is one of the largest parks in the city. This park houses the building of the Parliament of Catalonia and also the Barcelona Zoo, as well as the Geology Museum and the Zoology Museum. One of the main attractions of this park, as well as the ideal landscaped areas to stroll, is the great lake where you can browse with oar boats. There is also a monumental waterfall designed by Josep Fonserè and in front there is a musical gazebo. Throughout this Barcelona garden there are sculptures and statues that make it an open-air museum. One of the most emblematic is the Desconsol, by the sculptor Josep Llimona. The diversity of spaces in the Parc de la Ciutadella is perfect for doing all kinds of social and cultural activities.

parc ciutadella barcelona gardens

Moorish inspiration: Laribal Gardens

laribal gardens barcelona

On the Montjuïc mountain we find another of the most impressive gardens in Barcelona. Constructed between 1917 and 1924 on the occasion of the International Exhibition of Barcelona in 1929, Laribal Gardens are the work of Jean-Claude Nicolas Forestier and Nicolau Maria Rubió i Tudurí. These gardens have a unique structure since they are formed by terraces at various levels joined by steps and paths. The inspiration for these gardens is hispanoarabic, and brick, stone, fountains, tile ornaments and flowers are elements that stand out in the entire park. In the gardens of Laribal, there is the famous fountain Font del Gat, from where the water comes from the head of a feline, designed by the sculptor Josep Antoni Homs, and other sculptures that give it an artistic touch as well as a landscape. Within these gardens, the Ethnological Museum of Barcelona is located.

Visiting all these gardens in Barcelona can not only be an activity of leisure and relaxation, but we can turn it into a cultural activity to know the fauna and flora typical of Catalonia. Book any of our e-bike tours to visit these and other places in Barcelona that you can not miss!