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La Boqueria: a touristic market in Barcelona

La Boqueria market: from convent to market

As a part of our ebike tour Barcelona, on the Rambla of Barcelona, close to the Liceu, we find the Sant Josep market, popularly known as La Boqueria market. The name of Sant Josep comes from the old convent that founded the order of the Carmelites barefoot in 1586. As the Rambla became important as a walk through the 18th century, the slaughterhouses were taken out which was on his way and they were located in the orchard of the convent.

But on July 25, 1835, the convent of Sant Josep and others in the area were assaulted and set on fire during an anticlerical riot instigated by liberal politicians of Barcelona, and after this fire the convent was overthrown. In its place, a square with large columns surrounded by arcades was built that became the largest in Barcelona. La Boqueria market, as we know it today, was inaugurated in 1840, when finally, the stands that street vendors and farmers from nearby farmhouses were outside the walls to save taxes were absorbed by the growth of the city. That same year the works on the roof began, just on Saint Joseph's day.

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La boqueria: A modern and exotic market

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La Boqueria market has an area of 2583m2 and has more than 300 stands. The metallic roof, which was so characteristic of the building, was opened in 1914, and the last architectural modification of the market took place in 2000.

The modernist arch that attracts the views of locals and tourists was restored in 2012, almost 100 years after its construction.

Architect A. Falguera designed an arc decorated with blue, yellow and brown geometric stained glass windows supported by two columns decorated with ceramics, and is now again seen as the first day.

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In La Boqueria food market more than 300 market stands offer a wide variety of local and exotic products, and are sold to both private buyers and restaurateurs in Barcelona.

There are more and more stops run by sellers from Japan, Italy, Greece or the Arab countries, which offers a great cultural diversity in La Boqueria market and makes it an indispensable place for tourists.

It is the largest market in Catalonia, and its architecture, its location and its diversity make it a must. You can visit it by our ebike tours in Barcelona.