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Pastisseria Escribà: the sweetest pastry shop in Barcelona

Unforgettable place to eat, will you miss it?

If there is a pastry shop in Barcelona for a must, this is the Escribà pastry shop. Located on la Rambla of the city between the Liceu and the Boqueria market, Escribà pastry shop is a small and cozy place that is always crowded. The building draws the attention of everyone who is passing by. It is an old pasta factory, the former Casa Figueras, decorated in 1902 by the painter and the designer Antoni Ros i Güell. The corner that occupies the house is decorated with a great sculptural relief that represents a woman who mowing, a tribute to the work that was done before at the factory. The façade of this pastry shop in Barcelona is modernist, with the centerpiece arches and the windows full of polychrome mosaics, stained glass and wrought iron. The Escribà pastry shop, as well as being one of the best places to eat in Barcelona, is also a tourist attraction to contemplate it from the outside. In 1906 the building became a pastry shop when Mateu Serra i Capell opened the Forn Serra, beginning with the tradition of this pastry shop in Barcelona. At that time, he contracted a pastry chef, Antoni Escribà Cases, and with him began the generation of Escribà pastry chefs, which has come to this day with internationally renowned chef Christian Escribà at the head of the fourth generation of the family.

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The best pastry shop all year long

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The slogan of the Escribà pastry shop is "to excite, to surprise and to create unique moments" and they obtain it with unique and original creations devised by a team of pastry chefs of first level.

If you are looking for places to eat in Barcelona, this pastry shop is essential. Now that the Christmas days approach, you can find wafers and nougats, and if you are in Barcelona for Easter, you can taste the traditional “mona de Pasqua”, a typical Catalan cake for that days.

One of the main characteristics of this pastry shop is the innovation and the originality of its products, which makes them stand out among the rest of pastries in Barcelona.


They are specialists in creating all kinds of shapes and figures with fondant and also with chocolate, and in that sense their red lip chocolates are famous, or their personalized pastries for special occasions.

This pastry shop is so well known in Catalonia that even a reallity show was made in the Catalan television.

If you are visiting Barcelona, do not miss the Escribà pastry shop, the best pastry shop in the city. You can make a coffee or a tea by tasting the most delicious cakes.

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