Escape rooms in Barcelona: will you survive the adventure?

Choose your favorite escape room!

The escape rooms are an activity that has become fashionable for some years now and in Barcelona many and many different types can be found. At Photo eBike Tour Barcelona we have chosen four different room escapes, because if these days you are in the city, take advantage of it to spend a bit of adventure, wit or terror. You choose!

Try not to die of fear in Saw’s escape room

Based on one of the most macabre horror sagas in the cinema, Saw's escape room will revive the evil of Jigsaw puppet. You will start locked in the toilets of an old factory, and from there you will have an hour to leave them alive. You will have to use ingenuity and intuition to solve the tests and enigmas that you will find inspired by the movies. This room escape from Barcelona is designed for groups of 2 to 8 people. Will you be brave enough to face Jigsaw and survive? Visit it with your e-bike tour barcelona group!

saw escape room barcelona

Experience your own death in Catalepsia room escape

catalepsia room escape

From the same company as Saw room escape, Horror Box, you will find the most extreme adventure in Barcelona: live your own burial. Catalepsia is designed for two people, who will be put in a coffin for half an hour. In this time you will be completely dark and you will hear how your family members tell you the last word, how do you make a farewell ceremony, lay or religious, or how they take you to the funeral home. This extreme experience can be completely customized, and you can even choose the tanatoesthetics service. Dare to survive your own death.

A mayan adventure: Tolok

But we leave the extreme terror and look for more peaceful adventures. Not all Barcelona escape rooms are meant to be scared! Tolok will enter into a living and savage atmosphere inspired by the Mayan tradition, where you will have to solve enigmas and decipher symbols to escape. An adventure for groups of 2 to 6 people unique and original that will make you feel like an authentic Mayan.

tolok adventure escape room barcelona

Simulacre Vuit, variety of escape rooms

simulacre vuit escape room in barcelona

Simulacre Vuit's group of escape rooms in Barcelona offer several room escapes for all types of groups. For groups of up to 6 people you can experience an adventure in the jungle with Amazonas or travel to the world of magic with Andana 9 ¾. Or if you prefer, you can also become researchers to resolve the case of a kidnapping with the escape room The Rescue. Here you will also find adventures for very large groups, up to 150 people. You can choose between saving a victim to Victima 17 or traveling to the Far West to catch Billy Joe. Simulacre Vuit, in addition, have a room escape designed for children only called The power of the future. Children must use logic, intelligence and deduction to save the planet. As you can see, it is one of the most complete escape room groups in Barcelona.

These are just some of the hundreds of escape rooms in Barcelona, but if you want to discover many other experiences you can check this room escape radar. Find yours and don’t forget to book your electric bike tour in Barcelona!