Barcelona is full of museums and exhibitions of all kinds, for all tastes and all the arts. But there is one that stands out because of its originality and its peculiar content: the Wax Museum. If you are in Barcelona it's a visit you can not miss.

Wax Museum Barcelona

HisTory, art, music, literature… All made of wax

The building of the museum was built in 1867 to be the seat of the Bank of Barcelona. It is a neoclassical style building, a 19th century palace with artistic and cultural interest. Later, in 1973, the architect Enrique Alarcón took over the building to make the Wax Museum, as it seemed to him a building with the charm and mystery that an exhibition of these characteristics deserved.

Barcelona Museum

Before entering the exhibition of this museum in Barcelona, however, the building receives us with an honor stair made of marble. It is covered with a red carpet and turns the hall into a very elegant place and a nice way to start the visit.

The wax figures that you will find recreate historical figures, from the world of music, cinema, art, literature, fantasy... For example, you will find renowned painters, famous writers, filmmakers and famous actors, and also kings, emperors and thinkers of different eras, consecrated musicians, and even serial killers.

To give an example of historical figures, the Wax Museum has the figures of Cleopatra, Marc Antoni, Ramon Llull, Henry VIII or Guifré el Pilós. There are also other more contemporary ones such as Dalí, Pau Casals, Pablo Picasso, Charlie Rivel, or also Lady Di, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, or Michael Jackson.

And if you are bold you will get out of the passage of terror at the Wax Museum, where all sorts of terrible characters await you. This museum in Barcelona is one of the most emblematic places in the city, and you can buy tickets at a very original box office you will find in La Rambla.

A secret bar in the middle of the forest

Forest of the fairies bar barcelona

And once the extensive visit to the Barcelona Wax Museum has finished, you can not leave without going through the Bosc de les Fades (Forest of the Fairies), a bar that you will find in an alley on the left leaving the museum. Entering this bar is like doing it in a fantasy forest. The decoration recreates leafy trees, fairies, goblins and all kinds of magical creatures surrounded by a mysterious atmosphere with hidden corners with fountains and waterfalls. Enter a drink and play to be children again discovering everything that hides this bar so special. This is the best way to conclude the adventure you have started at the Wax Museum, and it will be an extraordinary memory that will take you from your visit to Barcelona.