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Sushi restaurants in Barcelona: the best and tasty raw fish

Sushi is no longer a typical Japanese dish. Now you can find sushi restaurants in all the big capitals, and Barcelona is no exception. In the Catalan capital, you will find a variety of restaurants specializing in Oriental food, such as Indochine, the best place to enjoy the taste of Southeast Asia. But if you like raw and fresh fish, we suggest you four sushi restaurants that you will love.

sushi restaurants in barcelona

Sushi restaurant in the mall: Sakura Ya

sakura ya sushi barcelona

In the mall of Illa Diagonal there is a Japanese bar with more than 15 years of experience. Sakura Ya is a small and charming place, and is usually quite full, a signal of the quality of the dishes served there. The menu is extensive, with a variety of rice dishes, meat and soba noodles, but certanly the star is sushi. In this sushi restaurant you will find all sorts of makis and futomkais with tuna, salmon, avocado, mango or prawns in delicious assortments. But if you want to taste a bit of everything, you can choose the large trays to share (or individual if you are so hungry!). They will carry wooden trays full of nigiris, sashimis and makis varied to taste different excellent fish. A perfect option with a price adjusted for lunch or dinner if you are shopping for the mall.

La cuina de l’Uribou: japanese and mediterranian

uribou japanese restaurant

In the district of Les Corts of Barcelona there is a simple restaurant with sober decoration that offers Japanese cuisine but also inspired by Mediterranean cuisine. This sushi restaurant, La cuina de l’Uribou, retains the typical dishes we expect to find in a Japanese restaurant such as rice dishes and all kinds of sushi but with products from here like artichokes or Ral d’Avinyó pork (a typical catalan pork). The variety of raw fish goes from sashimi to tataki, through tartars and makis and nigiris of tuna, salmon, white fish or eel. If you want to taste all the flavor of Japan without forgetting the autochthonous product, this is your restaurant. And the prices are more than acceptable for the quality of the product they offer. Indispensable.

koy shunka suhsi restaurant

Koy Shunka: japanese restaurant with a Michelin Star

If you are visiting the Gothic quarter or doing our bike tour in this area of Barcelona, you can go to a Japanese restaurant of the highest quality since in 2013 it won a Michelin Star. Direct disciple of Shunka, this Japanese restaurant is a whim for the senses. The kitchen of Koy Shunka is in sight from the living room, with an elegant interior design and a noble wooden bar that is the best place to enjoy the show of the Sushiman. Here the raw material is of exceptional quality, and chef Hideki Matsuhisa has prepared a menu where you will find excellent dishes. And if you like surprises, sit on the bar and let the sushiman serve you off-the-menu dishes created at that time. You will not taste anything better in any Barcelona! The price is not for all the pockets, but it's worth it if you like to eat really well from time to time.

pakta japanese food

Nikkei cuisine in Pakta

Very close to the Montjuïc fountain there aret he restaurant Pakta. The kitchen of this restaurant is the increasingly well-known nikkei cuisine, the fusion of the flavors of Japan and Peru. Here you will find Japanese tapas that are also inspired by the Mediterranean tradition to offer flavors that will not leave you indifferent. They work with seasonal products and the menu is based primarily on vegetables and sea products. Here there are no typical sushi dishes, but each plate is a unique elaboration that combines fish with various products. The dishes are thought to be an explosion of flavors, with shrimp, cod, sea bass or salmon as a base accompanied by vinaigrettes, wasabi or premium vegetables. In Pakta there are only menus that propose a gastronomic tour in which a plate goes to the other and everything forms a coherent set. The best Nikkei restaurant in Barcelona that goes beyond the classic sushi to offer an extraordinary oriental gastronomic experience.

If these sushi restaurants have made you hungry but raw fish does not convince you, you can book our Tapas tour, a walking tour that runs through some of the best tapas bars in Barcelona. Book it and enjoy the good food!

Catalan food: history and tradition in restaurant 7 portes

One of the things that the tourists in Barcelona are looking for is their gastronomy. Catalan food, recognized throughout the world thanks to great chefs such as Carme Ruscalleda or Ferran Adrià, is a claim to visit our country. In Barcelona there are many restaurants where you can find this type of cuisine, but if there is one that stands out for its quality, history and tradition, this is the Restaurant 7 portes (7 doors).

restaurant 7 portes

Restaurant 7 portes: not only food

Near Port Vell we find a building surrounded by porches that was built in the middle of the 19th century. Josep Xifré, an important businessman of the time, wanted to emulate the main porches of Paris to build a building on the Passeig d’Isabel II. There, he installed his residence, offices and a luxury cafe, and the building had exactly seven doors. Already in the 20th century, specifically in 1929, the Cafè became a restaurant, meeting place for intellectuals, politicians and journalists, thus beginning the long gastronomic tradition of the local.

barcelona restaurant

The Restaurant 7 portes has been the host of artists such as Picasso, Dalí or Miró, and have passed through their tables actors at the height of Robert de Niro or Harrison Ford. A few commemorative plaques recall the passage of these illustrious guests by the restaurant, and surely they enjoyed the Catalan cuisine that it’s cooked there from the beginning.

Throughout the years, the flexibility and generosity of the different owners who have had this restaurant in Barcelona have made it adapt to the changes and advances in Catalan cuisine without ever leaving out its origins or tradition. This desire to preserve the past without denying the future has turned it into a reference restaurant in Barcelona.

Traditional catalan food

catalan food

In the kitchen of the Restaurant 7 portes in Barcelona they use the product of the land to respect the traditional Catalan cuisine, for which you can taste dishes such as traditional cannelloni, different types of roasts, rice and paellas. But throughout their career they have been able to follow the gastronomic tendencies not to renounce the most international cuisine. Thus, in their menu you can find the most traditional Catalan flavors without forgetting what other cuisines offer us.

One of the most ambitious projects in this restaurant in Barcelona is the dissemination of the history of gastronomy in Catalonia. For this reason, in 2013 a committee of scientists was created that devoted themselves to studying and selecting the recipes of traditional Catalan cuisine. From these studies, there have been four books that show the evolution of Catalan cuisine, from medieval recipes to those found in the middle of the 20th century. The Restaurant 7 portes is not just a place to taste the richness of Catalan cuisine but also have been concerned about publicizing it and bringing its history closer to the people.

If you want to enjoy an exceptional meal at this restaurant in Barcelona, you can book our Montjuïc & Gotic tour that goes through the Port Vell, and from there you can arrive at a moment to recover forces after the e-bike tour.

Disfrutar: a restaurant with two exquisite Michelin stars

If you are one of those who like to taste new things in the kitchen and experiment with innovative flavors and techniques, you have found the ideal place to do it: Disfrutar restaurant in Barcelona. Directed out of the mythical El Bulli of Ferran Adrià, the three chefs of Disfrutar, Mateu Casañas, Oriol Castro and Eduard Xatruch, have brought avant-garde cuisine to Barcelona and also to Cadaqués, where they opened their first restaurant, Compartir.

DIsfrutar dishes

Ceramics of Mediterranean Sea on Disfrutar restaurant

Disfrutar restaurant Barcelona

But before beginning to taste the dishes of this restaurant in Barcelona, the first thing that surprises us is space. At the entrance we welcome a framework of forging and ceramics with a bar where you can make an aperitif. From there you can access a corridor from where you can see the kitchen. The Disfrutar dining room is a great open, white and very bright space inspired by fishing villages of the Mediterranean. Ceramics are the main protagonist of the entire restaurant, evoking the Mediterranean Sea. At the end of the room there is a large window that overlooks a terrace where you can have a drink after dinner. A cozy and sober space that makes you feel comfortable right from the start.

Disfrutar restaurant

The treatment of the room service is excellent, and at all times they accompany you during the menu to explain you as well as serving you. And from the dining room you can see the kitchen, which is usual in many restaurants of Barcelona and that makes it even more valuable the cooks job, seeing them create such complex elaborations.

Disfrutar: a surprise for all your senses

Disfrutar Barcelona allows you to choose between two seasonal menus or two menus with classic dishes from the restaurant. Each one has between 20 or 30 dishes, depending on the menu, and also offer you the option of pairing with the wines. A highly recommended experience.

Disfrutar two michelin stars

Among the most iconic dishes that you can taste at Disfrutar and that the waiters are responsible for explaining when you need it, there are the spherical olives, heirs of El Bulli, a Chinese bread stuffed with Beluga caviar and sour cream, a gazpacho sorbet sandwich, such a great discovery, carbonara macaroni that are not what they look like, and other dishes that surprise you with originality, excellence and extraordinary taste. And if the dishes are a surprise after another, the desserts do not leave you indifferent with reinterpretations of traditional desserts such as bread with chocolate or whiskey cake.

Without a doubt, a restaurant that can proudly display the two Michelin stars it has. And although it is not economic, the price in relation to quality, treatment and space is more than acceptable. If you want to enjoy a complete culinary experience in Barcelona, Disfrutar is your restaurant.

Indochine, an authentic chinese restaurant in Barcelona

There are Chinese restaurants in almost every corner of Barcelona, but there is none as special and spectacular as Indochine. This restaurant, designed by Cambodian Chef Ly Leap, not only offers Chinese cuisine, but is based on Asian cuisine in general to create their dishes. Located on Muntaner Street, on Eixample Esquerre, it is one of the essential restaurants in Barcelona.

Indochine barcelona restaurant

Indochine: a travel to Southeast Asia

Indochine restaurant

Entering Indochine is like entering a Cambodian town in the middle of the jungle. The decoration is cared for in an exquisite way, and only for that reason it is worth the visit. This Chinese food restaurant has an area of one thousand square meters decorated with lush vegetation, orchids, rocks and sculptures and reliefs of the Buddha and other Hinduist images. But the most impressing thing about Indochnie is the layout of the tables. The whole restaurant is full of water channels and wooden walkways, and inside the canals there are tables placed as if they were islands above the water. The feeling of sitting in these tables is like being immersed in rainforest, surrounded by vegetation and fish (yes!, in the water of the channels there are real fish!).

On the other hand, the kitchen of the Indochine is totally open, that is, it is surrounded by glass that allows you to see at all times how chefs work. It is an added value because they show that they do not hide anything and it is always interesting to see how they prepare the dishes you should eat with traditional utensils such as wok or mortars.

Finally, an element that draws the attention of the restaurant is the floating hut from the Mekong River. This hut just rounds up a decoration designed for detail so that eating in Indochine is not just a gastronomic experience, but it is a total experience.

The flavor of Indochine

Indochine food.jpg

In this Chinese restaurant of Barcelona you will not only find Chinese food, but the menu is inspired by a wide range of Southeast Asian cuisine that combines intense and deep flavors. Spices, aromatic herbs and citrus fruits are the main characters of Indochine cuisine, and they are transported to Asia's most exotic. The tasting menu is the best way to discover everything chef Ly Leap offers us. Thus, you will taste all kinds of spicy, bittersweet tastes, the aromatic nuances of coconut, turmeric, ginger, mint... A tour of Asian cuisine with a modern touch that will not leave you indifferent. By using traditional techniques combined with the cuisine from here, it has resulted in a fusion cuisine for demanding palates. In the Indochine menu you will find fish, such as king prawns, macerated with green and citrus mangoes, meat with aromatized raisins, chicken with ginger or veal with citrus, as well as rice and pasta that can not be missed in Asian cuisine. Glue in the Indochine's rainforest and let yourself be captivated by the exotic flavors of Asian cuisine!

Pastisseria Escribà: the sweetest pastry shop in Barcelona

Unforgettable place to eat, will you miss it?

If there is a pastry shop in Barcelona for a must, this is the Escribà pastry shop. Located on la Rambla of the city between the Liceu and the Boqueria market, Escribà pastry shop is a small and cozy place that is always crowded. The building draws the attention of everyone who is passing by. It is an old pasta factory, the former Casa Figueras, decorated in 1902 by the painter and the designer Antoni Ros i Güell. The corner that occupies the house is decorated with a great sculptural relief that represents a woman who mowing, a tribute to the work that was done before at the factory. The façade of this pastry shop in Barcelona is modernist, with the centerpiece arches and the windows full of polychrome mosaics, stained glass and wrought iron. The Escribà pastry shop, as well as being one of the best places to eat in Barcelona, is also a tourist attraction to contemplate it from the outside. In 1906 the building became a pastry shop when Mateu Serra i Capell opened the Forn Serra, beginning with the tradition of this pastry shop in Barcelona. At that time, he contracted a pastry chef, Antoni Escribà Cases, and with him began the generation of Escribà pastry chefs, which has come to this day with internationally renowned chef Christian Escribà at the head of the fourth generation of the family.

Pastisseria Escribà.jpg

The best pastry shop all year long

Red lip chocolate.jpg

The slogan of the Escribà pastry shop is "to excite, to surprise and to create unique moments" and they obtain it with unique and original creations devised by a team of pastry chefs of first level.

If you are looking for places to eat in Barcelona, this pastry shop is essential. Now that the Christmas days approach, you can find wafers and nougats, and if you are in Barcelona for Easter, you can taste the traditional “mona de Pasqua”, a typical Catalan cake for that days.

One of the main characteristics of this pastry shop is the innovation and the originality of its products, which makes them stand out among the rest of pastries in Barcelona.


They are specialists in creating all kinds of shapes and figures with fondant and also with chocolate, and in that sense their red lip chocolates are famous, or their personalized pastries for special occasions.

This pastry shop is so well known in Catalonia that even a reallity show was made in the Catalan television.

If you are visiting Barcelona, do not miss the Escribà pastry shop, the best pastry shop in the city. You can make a coffee or a tea by tasting the most delicious cakes.

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