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Getting to be the best in your job is not easy, and getting it when the competition is so hard, is still less. The offer of bike tours in Barcelona is very extensive and quality, so highlighting only depends on excellence and certainty. At Photo Bike Tour Barcelona we have worked hard to get where we are now, and efforts have been rewarded.


E-Bike tours to discover the city

There are many ways to visit a city like Barcelona. You can go on vacation and take small trips every day to get to know your most special places. You can go for a day to visit an emblematic monument such as the Sagrada Familia. Or you can take an electric bicycle and explore Barcelona guided by an expert guide in the city. Taking an E-bike tour is one of the best ways to enjoy Barcelona so that you can get to everywhere without traffic restrictions and more quickly than walking. And, moreover, it is an ecological transport.

Tripadvisor experience bike tour

The E-bike tours we offer at Photo Bike Tour Barcelona are designed to see the main landmarks of the city in 4 hours. Your guide will accompany you all the time and will take you to visit places such as La Pedrera, the Port Vell, the Barceloneta neighborhood or Montjuïc, all them essential places in the city. And since Barcelona is very large and has many tourist places, you can choose between different bike tours, designed to have an overview of the city, or just to know the architecture of Gaudí. Choose what you like best and if you go back to Barcelona, choose another one! 

But not everything is by bike and discover the secrets of Barcelona. The added value of Photo Bike Tour is the photos. When you travel you want to take a memory of the places you've visited, and what better than a photo that explains your adventure? During the E-bike tour we will make professional photographs in different places with charm. It will be the best way to immortalize your visit to Barcelona, and you will take a little bit of the city with you.

Photo Bike Tour Barcelona on TripAdvisor

In TripAdvisor you can discover thousands of experiences, so stand out above so many is difficult. But Photo Bike Tour Barcelona has achieved this, and since 2017, year after year it can boast the certificate of excellence of Tripadvisor. To get this certificate for three years in a row we have worked a lot, and our bikers confirm it in each Tripadvisor review. You can read more than 700, and all with the highest possible score, 5 stars. This shows that every day we do our job well to satisfy everyone who trusts in our bike tours.

Tripadvisor traveler's choice award

And if have achieved excellence for three years in a row it was not enough reward for our work, this 2019 Photo Bike Tour Barcelona has won the Traveler's Choice Award on Tripadvisor. This award places our bike tours to the highest place of Tripadvisor and confirms that we are the most chosen experience to discover Barcelona. In addition, we have also entered the TOP 10 of Tripadvisor travel experiences. Photo Bike Tour Barcelona has been ranked number 7 in Europe and number 1 in Spain. And worldwide, our tours have risen to the 14th place of the TOP 25 TripAdvisor Travel Experience worldwide. All these recognitions would not be possible without the confidence that our bikers put on us, and the magnificent reviews that leave us on Tripadvisor. This gives us strength to continue working, doing our job well and offering every day the best bike tours in Barcelona.

If you don’t want to miss the best E-bike tours according to TripAdvisor, check out the different options we offer you and book your tour now. And if you have already taken a tour with us, let us a review in Tripadvisor experience so that other bikers can enjoy it.


Nature and history in the Montjuïc and Gòtic e-bike tour

Who thinks that there is only sun, beach and paella in Barcelona, it doesn’t know the real city. Strolling through the city you can discover the medieval historical streets of the Gòtic Quarter, and you can also reach the hidden nature of the Montjuïc mountain. The Montjuïc + Gòtic bike tour travels through these two spaces in Barcelona to show you everything that the Catalan capital can offer you.

Montjuïc bike tour

Bike tour around Montjuïc’s nature

The mountain of Montjuïc is a 177 meter cliff that goes into the Mediterranean. From this height, the views of Barcelona are spectacular and you can see buildings such as the Sagrada Familia or the Agbar Tower from a different perspective. This bike tour is ideal for getting out of the bustle of the city center. The mountain trail will take you to a natural setting that will make you forget about the day to day life of Barcelona to connect with nature. And we will also discover special places that are located in this magical mountain, a symbol of the city. In Montjuïc we will find art thanks to the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC) and history of the city through the castle of Montjuïc, a military fort dating from the 17th century. In the mountain there is also one of the most emblematic venues in Barcelona, the Palau Sant Jordi, where great musical and sports events have been made.

With the Montjuïc + Gòtic e-bike tour you will discover that Montjuïc is much more than a mountain, it is a charming natural space full of special places. The best way to take a walk there is undoubtedly with e-bike, because they are environmentally friendly and the ideal means of transportation for a bike tour like this.

The last emblematic space on the mountain of Montjuïc that is worth visiting, whether you go with the bike tour or if you go there on your own, are the fountain. At the foot of MNAC there is the magical fountain of Montjuïc, an indispensable tourist attraction. By day they are a good place to stroll and contemplate the different forms that water can make, but it's at night when the show is really impressive. At night, the fountains of Montjuïc are lit up and the music surrounds them to recreate an unforgettable show.

montjuic fountain

Gothic medieval streets by e-bike

montjuic and gotic e-bike tour

After relaxing in the wild, the e-bike tour leave Montjuïc behind to enter in the labyrinthine streets of the Gòtic quarter. This neighborhood is located in the oldest part of the city and is part of the historic center. It is a neighborhood full of surprises and mysteries that we will discover with e-bike. This neighborhood includes other historic areas of Barcelona that make up the old quarter located inside the medieval walls. Places like Plaça de Sant Jaume, where are located the Town Hall and the Palau de la Generalitat, the Barcelona Cathedral or the Plaça de Sant Felip Neri are buildings and unique spaces that tell the history of the city through its walls and squares.

The Gòtic Quarter remained intact until the 19th century, but as of that moment, the development and growth of the city led to the remodeling of the structure to what we know today. Until 1900, the predominant architecture in the neighborhood was the Baroque and Renaissance because many buildings that had originally been Gothic were transformed. But then he became aware of the importance of preserving gothic architecture and the project began around the Cathedral, with a neo-Gothic facade. The tour with e-bike that we will do for this neighborhood will serve us to know an essential part of the history of Barcelona without which the city would not be as it is now. Today, the Gòtic quarter is one of the most interesting in the city. There you can find the Museum of History of Barcelona or the mythical Wax Museum. And also a host of bars and restaurants where you can taste authentic Catalan and Spanish traditional cuisine. To feel like a real Barcelona, the Gòtic is the ideal neighborhood.

gotic bike tour

During the e-bike tour we will stop to enjoy a Tapa & Drink moment and recover strength to continue exploring the city. We will stop at one of the most authentic places in Barcelona and we will have the opportunity to taste patatas bravas while we know each other a little better. The Montjuïc + Gòtic bike tour is the perfect route to discover the most authentic Barcelona. You will fall in love with the city, guaranteed!

The best way to discover a city: Barcelona private tour

The way of doing tourism has changed a lot over the years. Now what most people are looking for is to have the photo of the place where they were. If you visit Barcelona you will want a photo with the Sagrada Família in the background, or the Arc de Triomf, or La Pedrera, and the best way to get it is by doing private tours in Barcelona.

Private tour barcelona

Barcelona private tour: just for you

When we travel we can do it with the family or with friends, and with them we will spend a few days visiting the city we have chosen to spend the holidays. A good way to know the corners and the interesting places in the city is to make a city tour, but there are many types of city tours. There are tours for large groups, tours for small groups, on foot, in seagway, by bike... And they all take you to visit the most emblematic spaces. But sometimes these tours are full of many people and you just want to know the city only with those with whom you travel. That is why private tours exist. At Photo Bike tour Barcelona we offer a private tour around Barcelona for small groups, only for you. This tour is ideal especially if you go with children, they will have a great time and enjoy an unforgettable experience. You will spend all day with the family and if you go with children they will feel like the kings of the city with a guide only for you that will explain everything you ask for.

private e-bike tour

The private tour of Barcelona offers you the opportunity to discover the city without having to constantly go with a large group of people that often hinders the mobility and explanations of the guide. But the benefits do not end here. Having someone who will accompany you all day in Barcelona and attend all your questions is a luxury that our private tour offers. In addition, the guide ends up being part of the group and will make you feel comfortable with it so that the experience is as special as possible.

Another reason why the private tour of Barcelona is the best way to discover the city is the added value that we provide: the photos. With a small group it will be much easier to take pictures on emblematic places without appearing other people. You will have unique photos made expressly for you, and it will be the best memory that will take you from the visit to Barcelona.

Enjoy the city with a private tour

The Barcelona private tour takes 8 hours, that is, a full day, to the most emblematic places in the city. We will visit the Sagrada Família, surely the most touristy place in Barcelona, and there we can take some great photos to remember. We will also discover the beaches of Barcelona and the neighborhood of La Barceloneta, a picturesque neighborhood full of life and closely linked to the history of the city. At lunchtime we will stop to taste one of the most typical dishes of Catalan cuisine: the paella. We will have an hour to eat all together calmly enjoying the company and savoring the traditional products.

private vip day tour barcelona

In addition to the e-bike tour, the private tour of the city also includes a walk about an hour and a half on the streets of the Gothic quarter. They are old streets, narrow and full of charm, and the best way to get to know them is by walking through them. We will also be able to taste another of the typical foods of Catalonia: the churros with chocolate. It will be a good way to recover strength to continue the experience of living Barcelona and its streets and unique spaces. To finish the private tour of the city, we will have a Tapa & Drink moment in one of the best places in Barcelona. The city is full of bars that will make you feel like a Barcelona citizen, and we will choose a very special one. This will be the best way to conclude a day full of experiences and emotions that we can immortalize with the photos we will do throughout the day.

This private tour of Barcelona is designed so that you enjoy the privacy and comfort of a small group, family and especially with children, accompanied only by the guide that will be part of the group and will explain everything you need and more. This will make it easy for you to take some incredible photos in the most magical places of the city that will become a very special memory of your visit to Barcelona. Enjoy the experience of discovering Barcelona and feeling part of the city and its history. The private day VIP tour is the best option to spend a great day and full of surprises, book yours and tell us your experience!


Photo bike tour: the best way to discover Barcelona

Barcelona has many interesting places to discover, and if you are visiting the city a few days you will have time to visit the majority. You can choose to go for your own account and explore Barcelona, or you can book our Discovering Barcelona photo bike tour and enjoy a four-hour tour with an expert guide that will explain all the secrets of the city.

Photo Bike tour Barcelona

4 hours discovering Barcelona in a photo bike tour

photo bike tour

Our 4 hour Discovering Barcelona tour, the best valued in Tripadvisor, will take you to the most iconic corners of the city. One of the places that we will visit is the Olympic Village, the neighborhood built in 1992 for the Olympic Games of Barcelona. This neighborhood was designed as a residence for athletes, and now it is a tourist place very close to the beaches of Barcelona. Also, we will go with the e-bikes to the Ciutadella Park, a large green area with lake included. It is one of the most beautiful places in the city, and now it's a good time to enjoy a walk, either on foot or by electric bike. On this bike tour of Barcelona we have opted for electric bikes because they are the easiest and most ecological way to visit the city. At Photo Bike Tour Barcelona we are committed to sustainability and respect for the environment.

In a photo bike tour of Barcelona, we could not leave one of the most emblematic and authentic neighborhoods, the Barceloneta. A sailor neighborhood of narrow streets where we will discover the essence of the city and its inhabitants. And to know the history of Barcelona we will go to the Gothic Quarter and we will walk through its streets full of charm.

One of the other attractions we can not miss is the buildings of Gaudí. Although we have a specific tour of Gaudí, All about Gaudí tour with which we visit the works of the Catalan architect, Discovering Barcelona will pass through the Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló and Casa Milà. These wonders of architecture are always a must see! As well as the monument to Columbus, we will also visit and we will be able to photograph.

With the 4 hour Discovering Barcelona we will experience a unique experience to discover the real city, the most special corners and the best kept secrets. And to keep a record of all the places we visit, the photos will be essential. The bike tour is a special way of getting to know the city, and the photos that we will make along the route will be professional photos that will captivate the essence of the city and the experience that our bikers have of it.

photo tour barcelona

Photo bike tour for all tastes

photo bike tour

With this photo bike tour we take a tour of some of the essential places in the city. But we also have other more specific e-bike tours such as the Montjuïc + Gothic tour to discover the nature that hides the Montjuïc mountain and the medieval history of the Gothic quarter. Or the All about Gaudí tour we have already commented, with which we will discover the most emblematic works of the architect. And if don’t have enough with 4 hours, you can choose the Private VIP day tour, a personalized 8 hour tour to avoid losing any detail in Barcelona. Choose the bike tour of Barcelona that best suits your plans and do not miss this unique way of getting to know the city!


Enjoy the gastronomy of Barcelona with the best tapas tour

Yes, we are Photo Bike Tour Barcelona, but not all the tours we offer are on e-bike. We present the new Unexpected Local Tapas Tour, a walk around some of the most interesting restaurants in the city. Many of those who visit Barcelona are also attracted by local cuisine, and with this tour you will taste the best tapas in Barcelona.

tapas tour Barcelona

A walking tour with the best tapas of Barcelona

best tapas Barcelona

This tapas tour in Barcelona will take you through different neighborhoods of the city such as Barceloneta, the Gothic Quarter or El Born. There we will visit places full of history where we can taste traditional dishes of Catalan and Spanish cuisine. Potato omelette, patatas bravas, fried fish, octopus, cold meats... And all accompanied by the most typical drinks such as beer, vermouth, sangria or tinto de verano. In addition to tasting all these delicious dishes we will tell you its history and tradition.

The essence of this walking tour is to learn the secrets of Catalan and Spanish cuisine, but also the history of the places we will visit. Experience the tapas in some of the most iconic and special restaurants in the city as if you were a Barcelona citizen. This means that you will experience the daily life of these places, often full of people and noise, but definitely the best way to experience the country's gastronomy. After doing the Unexpected Local Tapas Tour, you will be reminded of a bit of everyday life in Barcelona.

Best tapas and best e-bike

best tapas tour barcelona

If you choose to make the best tapas tour of Barcelona, then you cannot miss the best e-bike tour (see Tripadvisor reviews if you do not belive it!). The Discovering Barcelona tour is the ideal route to combine with the Tapas tour. We will discover special places of Barcelona by bike, such as Parc de la Ciutadella, the Olympic Port or the Sagrada Família for 4 hours. And with the tapas tour we will tour the best restaurants to taste the most typical dishes of our cuisine. Book a full day with a bike route and tapas tour to fill your belly.