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Theaters of Barcelona: music, fun and experimental shows

If one thing can boast Barcelona is its offer of theaters. For all audiences and all genres, the city's theater offer is almost unattainable. Because speaking of all the theaters in Barcelona would be an endless job, we will take a tour of theaters with their own personality and specialized in different types of shows. Sit down, the function is about to start.

Barcelona theaters

Have fun on Barcelona theaters

Barcelona shows

If you are looking for a good time at a theater in Barcelona where laughter is guaranteed, a good option is Teatre Apolo. This Paral·lel theater, one of the oldest in Barcelona since it was founded in 1904, has a long tradition of music-hall and zarzuela. Over the years his programming has followed a clear line focused on the comedy without neglecting musical spectacles.

Teatre Borràs is another theater in Barcelona where you will find all kinds of comic shows. If you like comic monologues or duets, this is your site because much of its programming focuses on this type of shows, apart from also making larger comedies.

Another theater where the programming focuses mainly on the comedy is the Teatre Poliorama, located very close to Plaça Catalunya. In this theater of Barcelona you will find more classic and also familiar shows but always focused on producing laughter of the public.

Cabaret and music shows on Barcelona

In Barcelona you can find musical shows of all kinds, but if you want to enjoy live music in any format, a good option is Sala Barts. This theater of Barcelona makes a clear commitment to music and its programming includes concerts and musicals, as well as theater, circus or magic. A different theater for audiences looking for new and amazing shows.

Barcelona El Molino

But if there is a theater in Barcelona where the musical is the king, this is the Coliseum. His programming is almost entirely musical shows and includes all genres, from comedy to drama to homage to music groups. A safe bet if you feel like theater and music.

El Molino is another emblematic theater in Barcelona. Located in Paral·lel and with more than 100 years of history, this theater has been its headquarters and reference for cabaret spectacles. Now the programming has adapted to the new times, but the cabaret and shows that challenge the conventions are their great bet.

The other side of Barcelona theaters

Theaters of Barcelona

For those who prefer an innovative, experimental and intimate theater, Barcelona also has theater rooms where these shows aret he main ones. Sala Flyhard is an intimate place where you can find contemporary, claiming theater, without fear or complexity. Their directors opt for shows that break out the schemes and reflect on the viewer, and that he feels involved in the play.

Sala Beckett is another of these theaters that have specialized in very personal shows. Its programming focuses on contemporary theater and the promotion of Catalan playwrights, and the room is also a laboratory where to experiment with new theater scenes. A place to entertain and learn at the same time.

Along the same lines as Beckett, Escenari Joan Brossa is another of these spaces that go beyond the theater to explore the contemporary scenic arts and highlight the Catalan authors. Theater, but also poetry, dance, circus and any experimental art take place in this eclectic room.

Puppets in Barcelona

Barcelona show

But not everything is theater with people in Barcelona. There is a theater where the protagonists are exclusively puppets. La Puntual is the only space in the city where only shows of puppets, puddles and Chinese shadows are performed for the whole family. In addition, courses and workshops around the puppet world are also there. An experience that you can not miss if you are in Barcelona.

If you want to be up-to-date with all the theaters and shows in Barcelona, keep well the billboard of all the shows in the city.

Barcelona from another perspective: best views of skyline

Barcelona is a city full of interesting places that are worth discovering walking its streets or doing e-bike tours. But from within it you can’t get a complete idea of how great and spectacular it is, so this post will tell you some viewpoints to see the best views of Barcelona.

Barcelona best views

Turó de la Rovira: views of Barcelona with history

barcelona views bunkers

More known as the bunkers, the Turó de la Rovira is located in the Carmel district, a neighborhood that is already quite high that offers views of Barcelona that include the city and the sea. The remains of an anti-aircraft battery of the Civil War built to defend the city of fascist aviation remain in this hill. It is a very busy place, both for locals and tourists, and can be reached by bus or metro. Then you have to walk about 10 minutes to the top, but despite the sharp slope that has to be risen to reach it, the reward of the views of Barcelona and the historical legacy is worth it.

Highest views from Tibidabo

Barcelona skyline

In the mountain of Collserola is the highest peak in Barcelona, the Tibidabo. From above you can see the geometry of Barcelona, the industrial port and the sea in the background. An unbeatable city skyline. The only negative point is that getting there is not easy because you have to catch the Generalitat Railways and then the traditional blue tram. From above, you can not only enjoy spectacular views of Barcelona, but also visit the Amusement Park, the Sacred Heart Temple or the Collserola Tower (which, in fact, is a telecommunications antenna) which also has a viewpoint above all.

Shopping and enjoying the views

At the top of the Arenas shopping center, there is a circular lookout point overlooking the interior of Barcelona. Located in Plaça Espanya, it is much easier to access if you visit the mall, but because it is not as tall as the previous ones, from this viewpoint the sea is not seen. But, nevertheless, the views are not negligible, since all the majesty of Avinguda Maria Cristina can be seen to the Montjuïc fountain and the Palau of the National Art Museum of Catalonia. A whole show if it goes away at night, moment in which the nocturnal illumination offers a unique view of the city.

Arenas views Barcelona

Skyline and gardens in Turó del Putxet

Barcelona views skyline

In the district of Sarrià-Sant Gervasi there is a hill that, despite not being the highest in the city, its rise offers a good panoramic view of Barcelona, from the Montjuïc mountain to the Agbar tower and also a bit of sea and already at the top of the lookout, we can enjoy a 360° view of the city. Also, if you like urban gardens, you will find gardens with Mediterranean vegetation in this hill to enjoy a pleasant walk.

Luxury views: W Hotel

If you want to enjoy the best views of Barcelona with glamor you can visit the W Hotel, a luxury hotel located at the end of the beach of San Sebastià. On the 26th floor of this hotel there is the Eclipsi bar, where you can have a cocktail while enjoying views of the city, the beach and the sea. Of course, it is not cheap, but the experience and the views make up for it.

Luxury views barcelona

Escape rooms in Barcelona: will you survive the adventure?

Choose your favorite escape room!

The escape rooms are an activity that has become fashionable for some years now and in Barcelona many and many different types can be found. At Photo Bike Tour Barcelona we have chosen four different room escapes, because if these days you are in the city, take advantage of it to spend a bit of adventure, wit or terror. You choose!

Try not to die of fear in Saw’s escape room

Based on one of the most macabre horror sagas in the cinema, Saw's escape room will revive the evil of Jigsaw puppet. You will start locked in the toilets of an old factory, and from there you will have an hour to leave them alive. You will have to use ingenuity and intuition to solve the tests and enigmas that you will find inspired by the movies. This room escape from Barcelona is designed for groups of 2 to 8 people. Will you be brave enough to face Jigsaw and survive?

saw escape room barcelona

Experience your own death in Catalepsia room escape

catalepsia room escape

From the same company as Saw room escape, Horror Box, you will find the most extreme adventure in Barcelona: live your own burial. Catalepsia is designed for two people, who will be put in a coffin for half an hour. In this time you will be completely dark and you will hear how your family members tell you the last word, how do you make a farewell ceremony, lay or religious, or how they take you to the funeral home. This extreme experience can be completely customized, and you can even choose the tanatoesthetics service. Dare to survive your own death.

A mayan adventure: Tolok

But we leave the extreme terror and look for more peaceful adventures. Not all Barcelona escape rooms are meant to be scared! Tolok will enter into a living and savage atmosphere inspired by the Mayan tradition, where you will have to solve enigmas and decipher symbols to escape. An adventure for groups of 2 to 6 people unique and original that will make you feel like an authentic Mayan.

tolok adventure escape room barcelona

Simulacre Vuit, variety of escape rooms

simulacre vuit escape room in barcelona

Simulacre Vuit's group of escape rooms in Barcelona offer several room escapes for all types of groups. For groups of up to 6 people you can experience an adventure in the jungle with Amazonas or travel to the world of magic with Andana 9 ¾. Or if you prefer, you can also become researchers to resolve the case of a kidnapping with the escape room The Rescue. Here you will also find adventures for very large groups, up to 150 people. You can choose between saving a victim to Victima 17 or traveling to the Far West to catch Billy Joe. Simulacre Vuit, in addition, have a room escape designed for children only called The power of the future. Children must use logic, intelligence and deduction to save the planet. As you can see, it is one of the most complete escape room groups in Barcelona.

These are just some of the hundreds of escape rooms in Barcelona, but if you want to discover many other experiences you can check this room escape radar. Find yours!

Are you in Barcelona? Don't miss this 5 things to do in!

Travelling to Barcelona? Get a plan!

If you travel to Barcelona you will find a multitude of things to do and occupy your time discovering the city and knowing its traditions, its people and Catalan culture. At Photo Bike Tour we propose five things to do you can’t miss if you are on holiday in the Catalan capital, from cultural activities to traditions and unusual routes for the city

Barcelona musical shows

If you are a musical lover the city offers a wide billboard with very different styles and genres. Now that Christmas dates are approaching, a musical that has become a classic is El petit Príncep, based on the story of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. You will find it in the Sala Barts. For fans of the King of Pop, at Coliseum Theater you will find Forever. The best show about King of Pop, which makes an exciting journey through music and the career of Michael Jackson. To discover the essence of the Catalan musical, you can’t miss a show by the company Dagoll Dagom, one of the most emblematic of Catalonia, and at Teatre Poliorama you will find Maremar, his latest project. In Tívoli Theater you will find Flashdance for those who like to dance and enjoy mythical songs like Maniac or What a Feeling. And for children the offer is very varied and we can see Alícia al país de les meravelles at the Romea Theater or Tadeo Jones, una aventura musical at the Teatre-Auditori de Sant Cugat.

El petit príncep.jpg
Palo Alto Market.jpg

Barcelona second-hand markets

If you only spend a weekend in Barcelona you can visit the second-hand markets where you will find original items at very affordable prices. One of the most consolidated is Lost & Found market, a mix between the Queensday in Amsterdam and the garage sales in the United States. In the Raval district there is Fleadonia, a street market full of clothes, books and second-hand music in very good condition. And the Palo Alto Market is a creative market with contemporary and vintage art, food trucks and a really nice atmosphere.

Primavera Sound.jpg

Barcelona music festivals

One of the most powerful reclamations in the city are the innumerable music festivals that are held throughout the year. Some of the most internationally known are Sónar, the most important electronic music festival in Barcelona, and Primavera Sound, with local and international groups for all tastes. But there are festivals for almost all musical genres, so if you are jazz lovers you can go to the Jazz Festival of Barcelona, or if you want to discover flamenco you have the festival De cajón! And if you travel to Barcelona in summer, you can’t miss the Barcelona Beach Festival which takes place at the Parc del Fòrum and La Platja de la Pau.


Catalan Christmas traditions

If you are in Barcelona at Christmas time you can’t miss the Catalan Christmas traditions. In the square of the Cathedral of Barcelona, there is the Santa Llúcia market, a market where you can buy all kinds of Christmas objects and decorations. There you will discover the most emblematic figure of the Catalan nativity scene: the “caganer” (literally, the man who poo). Traditionally, the figurine was a shepherd with “barretina” (typical Catalan hat), but to internationalize it there were “caganers” of world-famous characters such as Leo Messi, Donald Trump or Woody Allen. Another Catalan tradition that you can’t miss is the “tió”, a tree trunk with legs and a smiling face that children expect every Christmas with enthusiasm. At the Santa Llúcia market you will find all sorts of “tions”, “caganers” and Christmas stuff.

Hidden Barcelona

Barcelona is much more than it appears in tourist guides and travel books. The Catalan city hides secrets and corners waiting to be discovered by the most curious eyes. If you want to know Barcelona from a different perspective, Other Eyes offers four unique and one-hour and half routes. With the Night route you will discover the darkest streets and the dark stories that hide. The route of the Civil war will take you to places where the marks of this conflict are still visible. The Gothic route strolls through the historical and even magical legacy of Barcelona that often goes unnoticed. And the The Language of Stones route will show you the messages that hide stones and walls that we often face but with which we do not pay the attention that deserve.

Hidden BCN.jpg