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Photo tours: your memories in the most incredible photos

The photo tours are the new way to travel. With the social networks present in every minute of our lives, becoming a reference is the great aspiration of many users. Instagram is crowned as the great network in which to expose your life, and the more beautiful and special the photo, the better. The photos of those who seek to become influencers have the right lighting, the perfect frame and the most amazing content. To achieve this, what better way to travel the world and document it on Instagram? That's why photo tours are the perfect resource for many instagramers.

photo tours

Photo tours: the new holidays

photo bike tour

We all want to have memories of the holidays, and it is best to keep them in photos. But if these photos are unique and made especially for us, even better. Minds with business vision have taken advantage of the desire to get exclusive photos in the most emblematic places such as the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Puerta de Alcalá in Madrid to create photo tours in the most tourist cities. This kind of tours will take you to the iconic places of the cities at the perfect moment to be able to make the ideal photo. This is the way to make your Instagram a reference profile, a traveler with criteria and good taste. The photo tours are designed to make the most of the sites you visit from a photographic point of view. It's a different way of traveling, a photography trip designed to record "I've been here" but with professional photos that triumph on Instagram.

Photo tours on e-bike

A good way to take advantage of photo tours is by e-bike. In fact, every time more photo bike tours appear, in which you discover the city on e-bike and you also get the most original photos because they can be combined with bikes. At Photo Bike Tour Barcelona we are committed to this type of tourism, in small groups and designed to discover the city and its most special corners. Our tours are much more than photo tours, these are experiences that will bring you memories with the best photos. Visiting the monuments of Gaudí, the secrets of the Gothic Quarter or la Barceloneta is one of the milestones of a trip to Barcelona, but we want the visit to be special. That's why with our e-bikes we will reach incredible places to have unique photos.

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Book any of our tours, they are a complete experience of photo tour and bike tour!

An astonishing exhibition in Barcelona: the Zone of Hope

Barcelona is a city plenty of exhibitions of all kinds and you can always find one to visit. But if you're in the city during these Christmas days and looking for things to do, you're in luck. Since the beginning of the year, the exhibition The Zone of Hope has been installed at the Reial Cercle Artístic of Barcelona, a unique experience in Europe that will not leave you indifferent.

Barcelona in virtual reality

The Zone of Hope exhibition is an immersive virtual reality experience that will take you to Barcelona in 2068 to see and live the consequences of climate change. What makes it unique is the revolutionary Hyper VR technology that makes the real space be combined with the virtual. Equipped with virtual reality glasses and sensors at hands and feet, you can move freely through space and interact with it. Everything you see through the VR glasses will be so real that you can touch it and see it in the first person thanks to Hyper Sense and Hyper Screening technology. In this way you will experience rooms where it will become cold, others where it will be very hot, you can touch all the virtual objects you find and you will be surrounded by sounds and movements that will become real. The total immersion will be able to immerse yourself in a deformed reality with the aim of removing consciousnesses and provoking a positive change to avoid climate change.

the zone of hope exhibition barcelona

Hope, the message of The Zone of Hope exhibition


This exhibition in Barcelona, which will be open until May 31, 2019, is designed so that visitors can become aware of the impact our actions have on climate and the environment. The different rooms where you will enter show the fatal consequences over time of a bad management of energy, resources and waste. But a final video reminds us that if we all collaborate, there is still hope. Once the experience is over, visitors are invited to engage with the future of the planet, choosing all the actions that can be done individually to reduce and avoid climate change.

If you visit Barcelona, do not leave without experiencing the virtual reality experience of The Zone of Hope exhibition, one of the most exciting exhibitions you will find in Barcelona today.